Mx3000P/3005P リアルタイム定量 PCR システム消耗品

Product Catalog # Amount Price

Mx3000P/Mx3005P 96-Well Plates, Non-skirted (25 plates)

401333 25枚入 お問い合わせください Call
25 plates per package

Mx3000P/3005P 96-Well Plates, semi-skirted (25 plates)

401334 25 plates お問い合わせください Call
96-Well Semi-Skirted Polypropylene PCR Plate for use with Mx3000P/Mx3005P QPCR Systems. Compatible with our Mx3000P/Mx3005P Optical Strip Caps, catalog number 401425.
25 plates per package

Polypropylene 96-Well Tube Plates, 25 plates

410088 25 plates お問い合わせください Call
96-Well Non-Skirted Polypropylene PCR Plates for use with Mx3000P/Mx3005P QPCR Systems
25 plates per package

Mx3000P Strip Tubes, 120 strips

401428 120 strips お問い合わせください Call
Strips of 8 PCR tubes for use in the Mx3000P/Mx3005P system
120 strips of 8 tubes

Mx4000 Reaction Tubes, 1000 tubes

410023 1000 tubes お問い合わせください Call
Individual PCR reaction tubes
1000 tubes/box

Mx3000P Optical Strip Caps (120 count)

401425 120 strips お問い合わせください Call
AriaMx、Mx3000P/Mx3005P共用 8連PCR オプティカルストリップキャップ

Mx3000P Real-Time PCR System Bulb Replacement Assembly

401411 1 assembly お問い合わせください Call
Replacement halogen bulb assembly for MxP system.
Bulb and assembly